Yes? Yes. Yes!

A couple years ago, Dan Yaccarino was the keynote speaker at NJSCBWI Summer Conference. He was a wonderful speaker, and his whole speech was interesting and inspiring and funny.

My takeaway from that speech was just to say yes. Dan pointed out that he was offered plenty of wild and wonderful opportunities – most of which he knew nothing about and had never even dreamed of – and his modus operandi was just to say yes. No matter what was asked of him, he said YES and then figured out how to make whatever it was happen.

I’m trying to say YES more often these days. Instead of “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” or the ever-dreaded and ever-present “But… ,” I am trying to say YES.


  • YES, every darn tootin’ word counts. So I write, even if it’s only 100 words.
  • YES, every application is a chance at a job/project/presentation. So I apply, even if I’m not sure of myself. As my wonderful father-in-law says, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”
  • YES, every minute, every hour, every day ticks by. So I make use of that time as best I can, even when the floor needs mopping and the laundry needs doing.

However, saying YES does not mean saying NO to my own needs and desires. So I say YES to the afternoon nap, to the cup of tea or piece of cake, to a day spent reading. I say yes to time spent watching X-Files reruns with my family or a good rummage through my closet and desk drawer. I say yes to a Saturday morning walk or a Sunday afternoon movie.

Are you saying YES? To what?


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