I’ve always loved David Bowie. Not just his music, but the way he seemed to endlessly, effortlessly reinvent himself. From Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke to the self-effacing cog of Tin Machine, he appeared to change into new personas the way most of us change shirts.

Things are changing for me, too. Not as easily as Bowie – though I’m sure his changes weren’t easy for him. It feels like popcorn – some things surprise me with fluffy new opportunities, and some things I thought would be perfectly formed morsels of yumminess turn out to be all hard kernels and bad for the teeth.

So I’m just trying to keep the lid on the changes, and hope that when the popcorn’s done, I’m left with enough for a snack – and the best morsels haven’t disappeared into the crack next to the stove.

I’m writing away on my new draft. I’m keeping up with my blog and my writing friends as best I can. And I’m trying – so hard! – not to obsess over each potential change. To just let what happens, happen.

I’m better at letting my books surprise me. I’m okay with waking up and realizing that a character has suddenly grabbed the microphone and has hijacked my show. I’m more of a pantser, much though I hate to admit it. But in life, I’m a plotter. Everything outlined to a tee, graphic organizers and log lines at the ready.

It’s time to embrace the change, I think.

How about you?

How do you handle change?


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