Walking and Talking, wow!

Last night, I saw a post from Betsy Bird, author & children’s librarian extraordinaire, and I just had to share:

Walking and Talking with… Kate DiCamillo!

Of course, Betsy is sharing one of Steve Sheinkin‘s great “Walking and Talking” comics… so you may find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of the web. It’s worth the time, trust me. And now I wish I had some of Steve’s great non-fiction in my library. Alas, that will be an order for next year.

The whole conversation resonated with me, but the point that struck me first – and perhaps most – was when Kate says, “I think about the story. If I’m thinking about the reader, I’m thinking about making the reader happy. Then I might change something for a reason that might not be true.”

Wow! I LOVE Kate DiCamillo – she’s quite possibly the patron saint of pantsers everywhere. πŸ™‚

And I love the idea that the story exists as its own organic structure, that it contains a truth of its own. Sometimes this truth exists because of the reader, sometimes despite the reader.

What about you? Do you keep a reader in mind as you write? A specific person or just a general avatar for the audience? Or like Kate, do you focus solely on your story?




4 thoughts on “Walking and Talking, wow!

  1. You know, I like what Kate is saying. “Think about the story.” If as writers, we over worry about the reader, we will lose sight of the story. I think I’m doing that now while I plot out my next WIP. Thank you, Leslie for sharing and thanks to Kate! As usual, she’s spot on.

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