One on one


Last weekend, I spent Saturday at the Rutgers University Council on Children’s Literature One-on-One Plus Conference. Do I even need to tell you it was AMAZING?

Of course it was. Not just did I get a wonderful hour with my mentor (Annie Berger of Sourcebooks), but a group discussion with nine other editors and authors: the Five-on-Five. And a panel discussion about the author-agent relationship, a success story speech by Sheela Chari, and…

A fantastic keynote by Ellen Oh of We Need Diverse Books! #WNDB is not just a hashtag, it’s a concrete force for good in the publishing world. Small successes lead to BIG changes.

And lunch. Let’s not forget lunch. Especially because I was lucky enough to sit next to Wendy Mass. (Excuse me while I fangirl.)

Silly me, I was so busy taking it all in and meeting new writing friends that I didn’t take any pictures. Not one. Sorry.

But if you’re interested, check out #RUCCL16 on Twitter and Facebook. I know more highly technologically evolved folks were snapping away.

I was surprised – though I shouldn’t have been – to meet folks from all over. Yes, most of us were from the NY/NJ area, but nowhere near all. And did you know that RUCCL members generously offer two scholarships each year in honor of Paula Danziger and Dorothy Markinko?

I wish this could be a “meatier” review, but the truth is, most of what I learned was personal, specific to my work, especially this most recent draft and query letter. (Thus the name One-on-One.)

Thank you to all the council members for volunteering their time and efforts to ensure a wonderful and rich opportunity for writers.

Writing friends, please, please, please do your writing self a favor and apply for next year’s conference. I just hope I’ll be accepted again so I can see you there.

Hmm, maybe I’ll be even luckier and get to become a mentor someday.




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