Small surprises

Last week I visited the Met. I don’t go nearly as often as I should, but often enough that I became a member. (I know, it’s a “suggested” entry fee, but I always felt guilty paying so much less.)

Every time I go, I find something new. Not just special exhibits, but permanent ones. Statues, paintings – heck, whole ROOMS – I’ve never seen before. I love the rooms. I love imagining myself hiding in the Met like Claudia, trying out all the beds.

Even when I’m expecting an exhibit, it can surprise me. I knew that Printing A Child’s World was on view, but it was still delightful to turn a corner and walk into the exhibit unexpectedly.

The upper right image is from Randolph Caldecott’s The House that Jack Built. Yes, that Caldecott!

While the exhibit is small, it’s lovely. Especially for fans of printmaking and children’s literature – or both. Like me. 🙂 How gorgeous is this circus scene?


If these images aren’t enough to inspire you, what does? I know November is NaNoWriMo for many, many, many writers, but Kendra Levin’s guest post on Writing Kids (While Raising Them) makes an excellent point for taking November – or another month – off.

Also ending soon is the SCBWI Book Blast – November 18th. If you’re a member of SCBWI, check your email for a note about the Book Blast 10 Plus Club. Not a member? Join now! Or just check out the Book Blast to browse, buy, or enjoy the great books promoted by SCBWi members.

One last surprise from last week: KA Reynolds’ book deal! Congratulations to KA! She was my competitor in QueryKombat last year, and her pitch for this book triumphed (gracefully and graciously) over mine. Her dream came true – just more proof that determination and hard work pay off. 🙂


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