Some photos – and some stories

Inspiration is a funny thing. Whether you find it in the newspaper, your day job, or just on a long walk around your neighborhood, you need to catch it when it strikes. But you also need to encourage it.

Nobody ever wrote a book by sitting around and waiting for inspiration.

I’m a big fan of snapping photos with my phone of odd or quirky things around the city as I walk around. They might not inspire a story, but they get me imagining.

What’s up with the lost unicorn?


Who built the little house that reminds of the New York Botanical Gardens holiday train show?


How long has that balloon been stuck in the tree?


Recently a friend posted a link on Facebook that told the story of a man who took a Polaroid photo each day for many years. Sadly, he died young, but his friends created a website to display his photos and keep his memory alive.

That site is Jamie Livingston: some photos of that day.

I love it.

You can look at the photos chronologically, search by a specific date, read other people’s stories about the photos and what they meant to them. Not only is this a wonderful tribute to Livingston’s art, but it’s a great source of inspiration.

And yes, I know about Pinterest and Instagram. I just can’t seem to get on board with yet another technological rabbit hole. I think I’ll keep my mini magnetic board and my collections of postcards, bookmarks, etc.

And now a photo of that day. Of elephants.


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