The Library Way

One of the cool things about NYC is that there’s always something fun, funky, or fantastic that you never noticed before.

Last weekend I was walking from the East Side over to NYPL – hoping to see their exhibition “Love in Venice,” but alas! I forgot nearly all NYPL branches are closed on Sundays, including the glorious main library – and I looked down to this:


How had I never once noticed that on both sides of 41st Street have bronze plates inset into the sidewalks, each with a wonderful design and quotation?

(Maybe because I always take the subway and exit at Bryant Park on the west side.)

It’s the Library Way.

NYPL is right – approaching from the east, with the light falling on the magnificent building is best. But, really, it’s like a bibliophile version of hopscotch. A few of my favorites:

Just a hint from a New Yorker: wait till there’s no foot traffic before stopping and staring at the sculptures below your feet and/or snapping photos. Otherwise, you’re getting mowed down by folks on their way to work. Or lunch.

I’ll leave you with a thought from Yeats:


May you have many moments of glad grace this coming week.


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