Mapping it out

This should be a post on how to map out a novel. But it’s not.

(If you need that kind of article, may I suggest here ? Or for those with serious need to outline, here (Writer’s Digest) or here (Writer’s Bureau)? Or to turn your plot line into a subway style map, here?)

Earlier this week I found myself fascinated by this article from Book Riot: Emma Nichols’ map of ALL the NYC Bookstores.

Pretty cool, right? I’ve been to many, but not nearly enough. Guess I’ll be spending at least part of this rainy weekend tracking down some new places to feed the reading habit. 🙂

But how will I resist my favorites? Three Lives & Company, Books of Wonder, Book Culture, 192 Books, McNally Jackson, Bank Street Books… not to mention the Strand and Argosy and Book Court and the Corner Bookstore and the late lamented Rizzoli and Partners in Crime. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just go to The Mysterious Bookshop and treat myself to a few new mysteries…



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